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Sleeping Princess

She won’t hit her snooze alarm when it comes time for your event! Nor will she allow her 3 fairy godmothers to hold her up while they decide which color dress to make for her.

Storybook Beauty

Her very name means beauty and if you invite her to your event you will see why.  But we have to warn you that her prince can be a beast of a man!  She’s available in her village dress or ball gown.

 Beauty’s Brute

He doesn’t take no for an answer and he’s got his sights on just one girl!  This doesn’t mean he’s not a blast to have around, if anything he’s easy on the eyes.  At least that’s what the ladies think.


You don’t even want to know how long it takes her to get her hair ready in the morning!  This beautiful and spunky princess is sure to brighten your day.

Rapunzel’s Guide

This handsome and resource thief has traded in his old habits, but you should still ask him to take a peak inside his satchel.  You can hire him along with Rapunzel.  Just make sure you get his nose right on the wanted posters.

Happy Snowman

How many snowmen do you know that can’t wait to see summer?  This guy loves warm hugs and will make your child smile.

Snow Queen

This newer and very popular queen is just not letting it go. I’m sure your kids are always watching her movie and singing that song you love so much!

Ice Princess

Meet the sister of the Ice Queen, she’s one of the most fun guests that you’ll ever invite to your event, just make sure you have some chocolate for her, she loves it!

Seven Dwarf Princess

This princess almost has a whole army on her side to defend her from that evil which better think twice! Villains might want to reconsider before messing with her!

Alice In Wonderland

This curious little girl fell down the rabbit hole and ended up on all sorts of adventures in wonderland.  Now she’s able to share new adventures with you.

Mad Hatter

Wacky, fun, and full on energy, this fellow is Alice’s partner in crime. He will certainly increase the wackiness at any party and help you celebrate your UNbirthday.  Just make sure you have plenty of tea available.

Queen of Harts

OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!  Oh this queen is a real charmer!  Part of our expanding line of characters she is perfectly paired with Alice and the Mad Hatter.


This classic princess will make sure that she won’t leave behind any of her footwear at your party.  Beautiful and kind she is definitely a fan favorite.

Mermaid Princess & Prince

Invite this fun and curious princess along with her prince to be part of your world! She will make sure her hair looks great thanks to her dinglehopper! Just don’t serve seafood at your event!  We have 3 versions of this character; mermaid tail, land dress or green ball dress.

Sea Witch

Don’t let our mermaid princess anywhere near this character, she won’t be able to talk or sing if you do!  Part of our trio series you can book this character along with our mermaid princess and her prince at a discount for all 3!

Fiesta Princess

One of the newest princesses, our Fiesta Princess is proud of her Hispanic Heritage.  This character is able to communicate in her native language of Spanish!

Arabian Princess

It will be a whole new world of enchantment when you invite this beautiful princess to your next event.  Who know’s she might just rub the lamp and bring her other friends along with her!  Make sure you know which 3 wishes you want!

Arabian Prince

He can show you a whole new world along with his beautiful princess.  He’s charming, handsome, quick thinking, and loyal.

Drizella & Anastasia

The stepsisters of Cinderella are far from princesses!  These two sassy sisters will bring a bit of laughter to any event.  They come as a pair and are always looking for a husband!  Ladies watch your man around these two!

Polynesian Princess

The newest addition to our royal family comes to us from the South Pacific.  She’s brave and had the heart of an explorer.

Polynesian Hero

Let’s just say that “you’re welcome” for adding this demi-god to our line up.  While he might not be shape-shifting anytime soon, his mortal form will certainly add excitement when paired with his princess!

Celtic Princess

This brave princess from the Highlands will hit a bulls-eye every time!  Invite her to your next event and experience her Celtic heritage.

Frog Princess

New Orleans charm, beauty and independence make this princess one of our favorites.  Maybe  she will share her secrets to the perfect gumbo with you?!?

Magical Nanny

Spit Spot!  Everything she does is practically perfect so why wouldn’t you want to have her at your event?  With the new movie coming out in 2018 now is the time to book before she flies off again!